Laura Petherbridge is a speaker, author and life coach with over 25 years’ experience in helping individuals and couples. Laura presents insight on how to:

  • Overcome the shame and guilt of a painful past
  • Replace thoughts of doubt, discouragement and despair with a mind at rest
  • Discover the difference between a peace maker and a “peaceaholic”
  • Restore broken relationships

In addition to the US she has spoken in Australia, South Africa, and England. Her various TV and radio broadcasts include:

  • Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson
  • Focus on the Family with Jim Daly
  • Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey
  • Moody Broadcasting (Midday Connection and Chris Fabry Live)
  • 100 Huntley Street (Canada)
  • HomeWord with Jim Burns

Use the Links below to listen and view some of Laura’s Radio Spots, Articles and more…

The Smart Stepmom - Interview

Moira Brown speaks with Laura Petherbridge about the struggle of being a step parent in todays blended families.