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The Smart Stepfamily

January 24 - January 25

EARLY BIRD Price! 20 PERCENT off before Dec 31

A Smart Stepfamily Event   

Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge—Team UP!!

This event will meet the needs of today’s stepfamily!

Ron Deal is LMFT who specializes in Stepfamilies.

Laura Petherbridge is his co-author of The Smart Stepmom.

She was raised in a stepfamily, and has been a stepmom for 34 years.

Together they bring a wealth of wisdom.



Topics covered include:

  • Stepfamily Dynamics: Why and How They Differ
  • The Ex-Spouse-In-Law: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
  • Setting Stepfamily Boundaries
  • Things I Wish My Stepparent Knew: Kids and Adults Share
  • Building a Successful Stepfamily
  • Attachment, Loss & Loyalty
  • Pillars of Stepparent Success
    Open Questions and Answers with Laura and Ron

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