Contact Disclaimer:

If you are contacting Laura about a personal issue such as a divorce or family crisis, she would like to explain a few things in advance. Complex family, relationship, and divorce situations are unique and fragile. Therefore, it is not appropriate or prudent for Laura to provide advice or coaching in a brief email response. If you are seeking individual help, Laura offers one-on-one life coaching. She also shares a resource list for free on this website.

Website Disclaimer:

Laura Petherbridge is a life coach, speaker and an author; she is not presenting herself as a professional therapist. She provides no diagnosis, therapy, counseling, treatment or mental care services. No promises regarding the outcome of life or relationships is given or implied. All decisions belong to the client. Those who visit her site, attend her events, or use her services, to the fullest extent permitted by law, release, indemnify, and hold harmless Laura Petherbridge, from any and all claims, obligations, demands, damages, judgments, costs, expense or liabilities of any nature, which may have or may ever have against her, arising out of the programs and services provided by Laura Petherbridge, including, without limitation, all liability with respect to injury, disability, death or loss of damage to personal property.