The Smart Stepmom by Laura Petherbridge
When I do becomes I don't, by Laura Petherbridge
Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul by, Laura Petherbridge

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

“Laura Petherbridge tackles today’s complex circumstances with tenacity, wisdom and compassion. She serves couples, women and single adults with teaching on spiritual growth, relationships, stepfamilies, single parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery.”


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Who’s Your Daddy?

Lack of trust and a distorted view of God kept Laura on a treadmill of performance, until God’s lavish love broke through her wall of fear. Laura shares, “I let Jesus save my soul, but I wouldn’t let him love me for a long, long time. Fortunately, He rescued me from that broken, wounded condition.” Learn more about the workshop Laura offers to help others break free from such brokenness.


Available for Women or Couples

Life Coaching
Work with Laura to set a goal and then allow her assist you as you work towards that goal. From navigating complex stepfamily issues to spiritual growth assistance to coaching during the painful process of a separation or divorce, Laura’s depth of experience and teaching skills can help guide you towards accomplishing your goals.

What People are Saying

“Laura's message was fresh, real, uplifting, personal and powerful. Her Scripture selections were insightful and her delivery captivating.”
Sr.Pastor Nick Watson
Bayside Christian Family Church, Brisbane, Australia
“Laura is truly a gifted communicator whose impact will be long-lasting and far-reaching in the lives she touches”
Pastor Kirk Statler
Eastern Hills Wesleyan, Clarence, NY
“Laura provides time-tested, biblical principles for life’s challenges. Her dramatic examples, illustrated from her own life, took me from laughter to tears. She encourages the spirit and gives a renewed hope.”
Thomas Whiteman, PhD – President
Fresh Start Seminars, Paoli, PA
“She’s both information and entertaining. There’s no doubt about it: she talks the talk...she walks the walk.”
Eva Marie Everson
Author, Speaker, Teacher / Pen In Hand, Inc.
“Laura delivers helpful information and creates an environment within which healing and hope take root. She represents the ministry of Christ so well by delivering truth in the context of God’s amazing grace.”
Pastor Kevin Urichko
Northland Church, Longwood, FL
I’m glad Laura Petherbridge wrote this book. She has carefully catalogued many of the big questions related to separation and divorce and organized them into an easy-to-read and very usable guide to surviving and healing. Follow Laura’s advice. She’s pointing you to the kind of healing and recovery that many people never find after divorce.”
Steve Grissom
Founder / President of DivorceCare
Laura has taken the pain of her past and used it for personal growth. Her inspiring story made me cry, laugh, but most importantly, challenged me to move forward in faith; knowing that God will take the worst things in my life and use them for His good! I highly recommend her book to anyone who is seeking to GROW through his or her separation or divorce.
Tom Whiteman, PhD
President and Founder / Fresh Start Seminars
“Laura walks the difficult line of speaking truth to everyone she encounters. Her no-pretense style builds trust. I highly recommend her to anyone.”
Pastor Chris Huff
12 Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA
“Laura is a wise woman with dynamic words to share to the heart of your group”
Linda Evans Shepherd
Author, Speaker
“I heartily endorse her ministry without any reservations.”
Rev. Ray Kush
First Baptist Church, Lockport, NY

The Smart Stepmom – Interview

Moira Brown speaks with Laura Petherbridge about the struggle of being a step parent in todays blended families.

Part One, Two and Three


Engaging! Down-to-Earth! Sincere! These are the words listeners use to describe Laura’s events.  Whether it be a brief luncheon, or a full retreat learn how to host Laura at your event.

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Laura writes and speaks from her heart, compassion and experience. With a no nonsense and practical format she offers resources that tackle today’s hurts and issues.

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Life Coaching

Laura offers 1 hour life coaching sessions for women and couples on issues related to marriage, divorce, and stepfamilies.

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Laura has been offered the great opportunity to be featured on various TV and radio programs. The hosts are names you can trust.

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